We cater to the premium retailers across Belgium with a current focus on further strengthening our presence in their franchised network, which is in Belgium a very substantial part of the network strategy of the large operators.


A second strong leg to stand on are our relationships with leading catering and food services firms that appreciate not only the quality of our portfolio, but also our ability to provide packaged solution for special events or around certain themes.


And finally we work with urban hotspots, like cafes, galleries or smaller shops that create an almost instant visibility for our products with the relevant consumer groups.






Overall we would like to believe that our customers appreciate our ability to round off, and sometimes elevate, a standard product portfolio by adding premium products that appeal to their more discerning clientele while allowing them to increase average margins.


We are quite proud of our logistics and can genuinely say that we make very few mistakes, and we believe that this in our line of business a real differentiator.






As a high touch company we very frequently talk with our customers, in many cases more than once a week to take orders, manage stock levels, gather feedback on sales and logistics and plan specific campaigns.


We spend significant time and effort to see what is going on in the food sector at a European and global scale and frequently propose new products, some as a permanent addition to the portfolio, some on a more temporary or seasonal basis.


Overall we aspire to be seen as a trusted advisor in all matters pertaining to a premium portfolio and realize that trust is earned slowly and potentially lost quickly. We don't believe in pushing our way on our customers' shelves, but we do have always time for a quick chat or a longer conversation about our and our customers' business.